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Find out how to reduce your current marketing bill to near zero! And how to lead your own Sector by gaining millions in new global targeted reach customers for your company by registering now.
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The USA Financial Crisis / The Elite Trading Secrets App

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Find out how to reduce your current marketing bill to near zero! And how to lead your own Sector by gaining millions in new global targeted reach customers for your company by registering now.
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Stock and Commodity Traders.............And New Product Development for Public Companies, want to grow your INCOME and Trade Brand Name's Global Business Exponentially? Then talk to John Desrosiers. In place are my "Computer Science Degree's International Marketing Team"  who developed my premier educational trading App platform called "The Elite Trading Secrets App."

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The fact is that my private foundation can drive (millions of targeted new customer traffic) right to your own website and/or to your own physical doors within months, not years is the best reason you need to join me today.
Learn how John Desrosiers can help your Trade Name gain new millions in sales per month once under the cover of a unique license agreement.

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Find out how to reduce your current marketing bill to near zero! And how to lead your own Sector by gaining millions in new global targeted reach customers for your company by registering now.
Pay It Forward Gold Foundation
Help yourself to serious profits by obtaining an Exclusive Global Sector License and it means that your company is also helping my private foundation feed, clothes and provide clean drinking water to the poorest children worldwide who really do need it most. My foundation motto:


Our Vision: To provide all an opportunity to learn and prosper within a global financial crisis to millions of investors. To provide food, clothes and clean drinking water to poor children.

Our Mission: To provide 1,000's of global multi billion dollar public companies my premiere financial education so they in turn can provide to millions of customers in order to promote financial inclusion and prosperity for everyone involved and within eventually most countries.

Our Values: To collaborate with others seeking our same fundamental goals while we listen and respect diversity in their ideas, then we act ethically to complete our combined goals.

Innovate: We constantly challenge others to be bold and to explore our new wave marketing solutions for "new outside profits" when combined with the help of our own premier in-house educational platform. Only with our Sponsor's help can we achieve results with millions of people so we can create solutions to help solve a current worldwide financial crisis.

Achieve: Our goal is to seek quick results & long-term impact on the financial well being of 1,000's of Public Co's. we license to and upon millions of their customers. We set clear profit objectives, track performance and then share our learning's so when our in-house efforts are combined within our private licensed group, it's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

We desire "Exclusive Licensed Partners" to invest in our program that really are driven to help solve a USD $16 trillion debt causing hyperinflation of our fiat currency that is today creating the "largest Wealth Transfer in US History" taking place right now & over the next 36 months.

By joining with my PIFGF today, you will help provide millions of people worldwide an opportunity to address the underlying root cause (being un-educated.) We are very opportunistic in finding the right "Exclusive Global Sector Licensed Partners"

Future Worldwide License Holder


John Desrosiers had a eBook called "The USA Financial Crisis"  that use to sell on this same website for $997.95 so you can bet it is very good information. It is today geared for your New Product Development team to better explode your business growth in a very specific and unique new marketing way to REACH mega millions of new customers within your sector worldwide all at a no-brainer cost once under License.  The USA Financial Crisis has been discontinued and replaced by an App titled "The Elite Trading Secrets App."  What is inside is some of the best trading secrets education all from John Desrosiers past financial Elite Newsletters that sold for $6,500.00 in the past years, financial eBooks, etc.

With this exclusive Global Sector License offered your company today, millions of your entire sector customers can now benefit from my 27 plus years of trading secrets while your own company reaps the benefits in several different ways. Your own business stands to make serious "extra money" per quarter in a brand new style of profits once you sign up as my Sponsor. And I'm not talking about your company getting into the trading business. Allow me to send you a private Power Pt. explaining how if you register with me to let me know you are serious. Register Here

If you don't have time now, please bookmark this site now.. and then come back later. Why?

The USA Financial Crisis

Different Industry Exclusive License Sectors are listed below are up for grabs today. Once gone, these "Exclusive License Sectors" are gone forever and your New Product Development team dreams of fast easy profits will go up in smoke with them to your competitor. So come back soon and register before you leave.

Your Main Benefit: Massive Global Trade Name Reach Quickly .

Look, if you are willing to help my Foundation reach its world mission goals today by becoming an Exclusive Global Sponsor, I'll show your company a unique new affordable and amazing new marketing strategy that can gain your Trade Name massive USA & Worldwide market share during the next year and looking forward. How? By gaining you targeted competition's customers.

Here's the kicker....... More exact details are discussed in the Power Pt. that will explain exactly how your Trade Name can make serious money per month off of my foundation. My new plan can make your ROI back maybe even within your first 30 days.

How would you like to reach mega-millions of targeted customers and at the same time let your competition pay 100% of your future marketing bill over the next 15 years? That's really what I have for you today! Just think for what mega-millions of new targeted customers can do for your bottom line.

What I have to offer is a true opportunity for your Trade Name to not only gain 30% of your competitor's customers outright and forever, but to do so with your current competition paying 100% of your marketing cost! That said, go fill out the long form now with your best contact information so we can talk soon. If you are thinking you could make millions of dollars by doing so, you are right!

Is your Public or Private Company ready to massively increase and expand your own Trade Name profits and market share by maybe a billion more USD's per quarter? My new way of making profits for your Trade Name "outside and in addition to your normal sales methods can make it happen.

With my premier brand marketing strategy and educational platform, your global marketing turns quickly into 100% FREE targeted marketing and that FREE part will last for at least the next 15 years under our license agreement. My marketing plan will make your company a new style of millions in profits from new sales per month as well over and above what you are doing now. You really can't lose if you put out the effort with my plan of action once being one of my Exclusive Global Sector License holders.

This opportunity is a new win-win PR "Educational Platform" building TRUST move and a much more effective new approach marketing idea. My private software and unique cost-free marketing plan can generate millions of never before saw hits to your current websites over the next year alone, but only "if" you become my Exclusive Global Sector Sponsor. This can massively increase the REACH of your own Trade Name business worldwide and you can soon rule your own sector. Allow me to help turn your current losses into huge "can't get without my help" massive and quick profits.

If you act fast, you can own an "Exclusive Worldwide Sector License within your own sector" to distribute my knowledge base and then be able to sell this same APP educational platform to other competitors within "your sector." This allows your company to not only profit large with your new style of profits, but also to legally gain with cross promotions some competitor's customers to increase profits from products you already sell today. As you will find out how if you register in order to review a private Power Pt. My new App can offer your company that kind of "Massive Global Market Gaining Share Power" easily.

How? Once you register and I call you back personally, I'll send you a very private Power Pt. explaining how the Pay It Forward Gold Foundation Trust can help every customer you have today and into the future get better educated with my private financial secrets. This allows your customers how to reach their dreams of wealth and higher profits. That is really key to your own company success, because if they don't have any money to buy your products, guess what? You will not sell them anything.

If you help others reach their dreams of wealth, your Trade Name profits will follow. I'll prove to you how you can easily gain over "ONE MILLION" new customers within your first months once you are a licensed Sponsor and the best news for your company? No liquid cash investment to gain my license!

This is a win-win for all and my education can give anyone who wants it a new higher paying "job" for life right along with a healthy income for life while working at home as a Trader. Think that could make a difference in keeping all your customers happy? I know it can, but it's up to you to make this happen for your own company or not by joining my program today.

The USA Financial Crisis

Here are just a few key things my unique "Financial 650+ page App Educational Platform" in a large downloadable App form for Smart Phones and iPads can do for your own Trade Name once you become my Sponsor.
  • As already discussed, my unique trading education can help grow your database Worldwide effectively by well over "One Million" new customers within months of signing up as my Sponsor. And your company as my "Exclusive License Holder for that Sector" will make serious money off these efforts at the same time.
  • My unique education can also regain lost Trust with your customers because you will have to offer them my $997.95 (recent eBook value during the last few years per download from this same website) in trading education. And maybe a new job for life as a trader if they desire to build serious wealth safely for their own family just for being "your customer."
  • My education can improve Goodwill plus help win lifetime customers within your industry over that of your competitors because by becoming my Sponsor, it show that your company cares more about the financial future of every customer you have today within your sector. Remember, we do have a 10% unemployment rate right now in the USA and most likely it's 25% today.
  • I can better educate your entire database of customers (mega-millions within your entire sector that you can gain or you may have that many now) with premiere better & higher quality financial education. That way, every customer you have can better pay their bills and learn how to get wealthy during these hard times of an ongoing worldwide financial crisis.

Remember, my trading education comes in electronic form direct to your customers Smart Phone.  That means it is GREEN to better protect our planet, not to mention faster 100% real time delivery.

Why do you need to become my Sponsor today? Mainly so your own company can gain massive REACH faster. Look, worst times are dead ahead for every person inside the USA and all your customers do need my unique financial education. If your company is to remain solid, your customers "must do the same." If someone within your own sector you know is closing their doors, do you feel your company could be next? Look, if enough of your customers stay unemployed and go broke, it might!

My education will make your customers very happy when they later can provide a care free financially secure lifestyle for their family's future. Money does make life more enjoyable and trust me when I tell you if your Trade Name can make a financial difference within the lives of most of your customers, your customers will become happy and stick with your Trade Name.

Once you are my Sponsor, you will be helping SOLVE the JOB Crisis problem here inside the USA and also around the World. Very soon, millions of everyday people just from your Public Co. as my Sponsor coming on board from all walks of life will be getting better educated "for FREE" with your helping hand. Your massive exposure to new and old customers will soon learn how to thrive during times of a financial crisis with the help of this eBook simply called:


"The USA Financial Crisis" is very real........"The Elite Trading Secrets App" 

 can put millions of people back to work worldwide!

                                                                                                Only together, we can make this happen.

Together we can get this education into the hands of mega-millions of people who really do need it for FREE. Anyone will take something for FREE, especially if it can benefit their own lifestyle. By gifting away my material, your Public Co. will build some all important "lost Trust" from maybe some of your customers who may have lost that trust of your Trade Name. When they win, you win..it's really that simple.

  • My education offered can help you gain your customer's respect for a lifetime so they can better trust your Trade Name brand by you showing them corporate responsibility to their own financial needs of today.
  • With my downloadable eBook and my new unique marketing plan for your company, your not so distant REACH can be around the world to massively GROW your own business and you're NEW MARKETING COST ACTUALLY REDUCED TO near ZERO! I'll ONLY show you exactly how only inside your private Power Pt. once you register so don't leave this page without registering with me today. That part could be vital to your own company thriving with a brand new style of future profits.

  • Maybe most important of all, my unique education can help your own Trade Name gain billions in ROI extra per year depending upon the size of the entire data base of customers within your entire SECTOR.

  • You see, my new private software and international marketing strategy is so unique and powerful that once I put it to work for your own company, it can generate millions of your "competitor's customers" (about 30% of them) right to your physical or cyber doors. And it's also so stupid easy to gain millions of new customers "once you become my Exclusive Sponsor", it's silly.

Let me ask you something; if I show you how to generate millions of new customers for your company within maybe even months, and keep you gaining more new targeted customers month after month over 15 years all within your own purchased Exclusive Global Sector License, how many billions of dollars do you think that would produce during that same time frame for your own company? Only you know the answer. Now how about if I show you how to reduce "All your future marketing cost to Zero no matter if you do spend millions today yearly and do so all within the next few months?" I can show you how this is possible so don't take what I say as hype. It's certainly not. It just takes the corrected marketing strategy for your company to implement with my correct own private educational platform as offered.

What my App can do for your trade name is allow it to grow with over one million new customers per year! I'll prove to you how this is accomplished only inside a private Power Pt. for your own sector.

To accomplish all this effectively, you will need my "Premiere Brand" of Financial Trading Education in App form to distribute and supply to all your existing and future customers. What your company is doing today is only 1/2 right when it comes to the correct marketing. When you add my new wave App marketing strategy into the mix no matter if you may have an App today or not, then you will have a complete marketing plan where everyone wins and you will win most of all by gaining 30% of your entire sector's already targeted competitor customers with my marketing plan.
The USA Financial Crisis

Just look at the cover of my past eBook called The USA Financial Crisis. You can believe me when I tell you that your customers certainly don't desire to be anyone's puppet and neither does your own company. That said, stop doing things wrong the hard way and let me help you grow more effectively globally as you should. What millions of your customers are thirsty for today is the correct financial knowledge and change! That's what won Pres. Obama the last election, but he decided not to deliver and instead created a larger mess that we have today.

To help mega millions of people from all walks of life survive and thrive with serious wealth during the worst economic crisis of their lives, they do need my educational platform as help. Most find themselves thrust into this financial mess today unwillingly. They do need your help to get my education for FREE and you can take it to the bank when I tell you that it's a win-win for everyone involved here.

I'd have it no other way as that is the only way I'll do business...ethical.

I've made it so Stupid Easy for your company to come on board with zero USD Cash  investment.   My Sponsor program is unique that your New Marketing Development team would have to have their head in the sand to not agree with my generous buy-in terms to get your own Trade Name to become my Exclusive Global Sector Sponsor. My deal to you is that good and you will find no other low risk, high reward way to grow your company REACH today.

My App can help solve these money problems for millions of your customers and make your Public Co. look like a hero if you as a Sponsor are willing to step up to the plate and supply all your current and future customers with this one-of-a-kind financial knowledge "needed by all today" with your own "Exclusive Global Sector License Deal" with The Pay It Forward Gold Foundation if you act fast. My App will launch in Feb. 2014.

Don't Miss This Unique Opportunity as your own sector will not be available forever! Sorry, but the sector's listed below are offered on a first come, first served basis and 2014 is the kick off to get these  Apps. That said, you are in the right place and at the right time which is rare indeed.

This is the correct Better Education offered to your customers who really do need it badly today. If your Public Company makes the "right smart marketing development moves" with my foundation license today with your Sponsorship money and/or just a small part of your marketing new business development money, it will grow amazing faster than with anything else you have going on today without question. What I have to offer you is that good.

Better education is KEY to any type of faster worldwide recovery from any type of crisis that your own customers may have within their life at this time. Your customers today need more money today to exist and to buy and pay for your products and services that you have to offer. With my offer to you as my Sponsor, your company can supply this education that is easily downloadable from my own dedicated server for such an inexpensive cost per customer, your Public Co. would be foolish to pass on my offer of today.

You will just have to TRUST ME when I tell you that your own Public Co. can afford this License deal as I will not discuss your low dollar buy-in fee numbers on this website.

By gaining an "Exclusive Global Sector License" from "The Pay It Forward Gold Foundation" of your own would give your company a huge advantage over your global and USA competitors.  One of the jobs of the CEO and COO is to build more wealth for your own company & stockholders. In addition, you should also be concerned about the financial well-being of every customer within your data base, right? Ok then, let's go!! If all your customers go broke, take one guess who is next on the list to go broke?

Time is wasting and my hungry kids overseas do need food, clothing and water today that some of money generated will certainly help me provide for them on an ongoing needs of my private Pay It Forward Gold Foundation's World Mission effort. Do you realize that children die daily overseas because of  poor as dirt living conditions. That's the main reason why my private foundation is willing to finance most of your Exclusive Global Sector License cost up front to get you started.  My fees really are that painless and soon they would be eliminated 100% (within months!) Everyone wins with my offer and I'd have it no other way.

As a major Public Company, you and I are both painfully aware of how today's financial landscape is today for you and how your own competition is fierce within most Sectors. Fortunately, if everyone is willing to take charge of their own life, what I have to offer them all with your help does give them some power in controlling their own financial fate no matter what happens into the future and no matter if they know nothing about the Stock or Commodity markets trading worldwide today or not. How?

You just found that correct new marketing strategy and financial educational platform App from a past ex-CTA financial advisor that you need for your Public Company Sector. My way is a better way to turn things around fast "in your own business" and to gain massive USA & Worldwide market share within your own sector just about as fast as FaceBook is growing today and to gain fame and fortune for both your Trade Name and for your customers.

You also just found the correct business App knowledge needed for every customer you have today within your data base for them to build more serious wealth building success and I'll now allowing you to obtain an "Exclusive Global Sector License"for pennies on the dollar. Let me say this again. Your own future "Marketing Cost" will be ZERO!

With your own Exclusive Global Sponsor License Industry Sector Specific, your company can jump leap years ahead of any of your current competition to gain massive market share way faster than normal. Sometimes, within months!

Look, if you desire change your TRADE NAME profits for the better, you do need my marketing edge. I have that edge for your company. Today, if your own Public Company situation is struggling for profits due a lack of not enough sales, it must have more profits to turn things around for its stakeholders. It does not matter if your customers today know nothing about the trading business today or not and your business very well could be totally unrelated to trading. IT DOES NOT MATTER!

Most Sectors who will gain an exclusive license are not today in the trading business, but all Sectors can benefit from my education offered within my financial trading education App because every customer worldwide needs my private education to create serious wealth for their own family. When these customers have new found money, they can then buy your products. If your customers go broke and steady their uneducated course, it could drag your Trade Name right down with them. What's the answer? Better educate your customer base today or go down with the ship as it's captain.

My new App education solution is not just a band aid for the World economy, my Educational Platform plan is a Permanent Fix that solves financial issues in everyone's lives if they themselves are willing to learn a new job or who are one who needs a new job today to build their own wealth for their own families..and most are willing to do just that process.

Here is what is offered inside my App: Low risk/high reward trading ideas and key secrets needed in order to spot major future trend reversals before they happen! These "key secrets" will last your customers a lifetime in the trading world. Inside my App is education that is laid out so simple that an 8th grader can understand what is inside and how to apply my low risk/high reward methods of trading.

Here is some of what your database will receive when they get my eBook information.

Superior Value (Remember, this eBook did sell for $997.95 online until just recently on-line on this very website and you as my Sponsor are providing it to your own sector just for them being your customer for FREE.) This is one heck of an opportunity for your customers to get this education for FREE when you consider my past financial newsletter advice did sell for $6,500.00 per subscriber per year for my newsletter when I was a CTA years ago. I'm now retired, however I still have a passion for helping people from all walks of life.

Inside my App, your customers will learn how to:

  • Grab it quick while you can Million Dollar Opportunities. These different opportunities are safe to do and certainly out there from time to time and several are discussed within this App. Several examples exist from real life trading events. If one knows how to find them and I show everyone how inside this App, that person can create serious wealth fast. Inside this App, I also show them what to do and how to do it when they do find a unique opportunity to create fast wealth inside this eBook with example after example.
  • Superior Quality of Unique Tested Trading Education
  • Superior ROI for both them and even moreso for your public company.
  • Premiere Brand Information (nothing else like it)
  • A Better and Simplified Experience to Learning Trading for common folk and even some professionals.
  • Example after example of different trades (that your customers can copy exactly how it's done that I showed my elite financial newsletter subscribers for years) that shows anyone exactly how to accumulate potentially millions in profits within a short period of time of say 90 days on certain occasions. On rare occasions, this can and does happen, but only if you as a Trader know how, when & where to look. These secrets and more are revealed inside this eBook.

Therefore, what is inside this new App is top-of-the-line and at times secret knowledge that details how to trade and multiply your customer's money correctly with only low risk/high reward involved. Your customers will never learn to trade using high risk or unlimited risk trading methods from me and they will "always" know their risk prior to entering any trade they may choose to enter.

I'll show your customers no other way but low risk/high reward because when I trade, the idea is control your risk and place unlimited reward on the table. These prime tested in real life trading examples that your customers can copy over and over to gain serious wealth are actually inside my App and that part alone is worth anyone's time to learn what is inside.
The USA Financial Crisis

Don't miss YOUR Company's CHANCE to gain massive market share for your own company sector to own my exclusive global sector license by selecting your sector's best fit for your own company as shown below. And yes, you can purchase more than one Exclusive Global Sector License which at this time would be a very wise choice. Especially if your own company is involved within two completely different sectors.

If your company is lucky enough to gain one of my Exclusive Global License Sector's while they are still wide open TODAY, your company can then gain rapid massive market share within your own Sector and actually take huge profits away from your competition within months of signing up with me.


Within only two short months, I predict that your entire 100% of your marketing budget will be nearly GONE FOREVER! And new millions from my marketing plan will start to flow in monthly like clockwork with new revenue coming to your company.  


Register so we can talk on the phone so you can receive my Power Pt. today!

Below are some of the Public Company Sponsorships and all are "Worldwide Sector's" that are still available today for a Licensed fee for my private marketing plan:

  • Trading Brokerage (Trading with Options, Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Index, etc.)
  • News Industry
  • Social Media (FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)
  • Fast Food Franchises (all Globally)
  • Financials (Mortgage Companies, Consumer Finance, Financial Credit Services, Banking, Credit Card Providers)
  • Technology Industry ( All Electronic products, computers, cell phones, TV's, etc.)
  • Industrials (H.D. Electrical Equipment, Security, Industrial Equipment Mfg.)
  • Real Estate Industry (Brokers, agents, commercial, residential)
  • Utility Industry (Gas & Electric)
  • Energy (Oil & Gas Refining, Production, Oil & Gas Equipment, Storage, Drilling, Gas Stations, LP Sales, Biotechnology)
  • Health Care (Pharmaceutical Companies, Health Equip., Heath Care Workers., Hospitals, Retirement Homes)
  • Construction Companies (Dirt, Mining & Road Building Contractors, Home Builders, General Contractors, Developers)
  • Construction Equipment ( Both Mfg. & Dealers)
  • RV Industry (Both Mfg. & Dealers)
  • Trucking Companies
  • Consumer Discretionary ( Movies, Apparel Retail, Luxury Goods, Home Furnishings)
  • Materials ( Steel, Mining, Paper, Metal & Glass, Precious Metals, Ag. Chemicals)
  • Internet (Software)
  • Semi-Truck Industry ( Both Mfg & Dealers).
  • Airlines (Retail Ticket Sales)
  • Racing (all types of auto, boat, motorcycle, plane)
  • Automotive Parts
  • Tire Wholesalers
  • Cruise Lines
  • Farming Industry ( Both Mfg & Dealers).
  • Air Plane ( Mfg & Dealers).
  • Insurance Industry (Home, Life, Auto, Health, RV, Business, etc.)
  • Fishing Industry (Processing Plants, Seafood Brand Names, Food Warehouses)
  • Beer, Wine & Beverage Industry ( Dist. and Mfg.)
  • Lumber Suppliers ( Sawmills, Wholesale Dist, Retail Outlets)
  • Auctions (all types)
  • Auto Industry (Auto Mfg. & New & Used Car & small Truck Dealers)
  • Marine (Boat Mfg., Boat Suppliers, Cargo Transport)
  • Education ( High Schools, Colleges and Universities)
  • Discount and Retail Clothing and Merchandising Stores
  • Many more exclusive sectors exist and you don't have to be a Public company to qualify for an exclusive global sector license with my foundation. Other major companies & smart accredited investors will be considered from all types of different specific industry sectors worldwide and if you happen to be in one that is not listed or are interested in having your own "Exclusive Global Sector License", please contact me by registering.

Look, I know what I'm talking about here when it comes to predicting the future of the different markets. How's that? I've already done so many times over past years inside my past financial newsletters and inside this current App is proof of it.
The USA Financial Crisis

Think about it. My e-book was called: (The USA Financial Crisis) and it was published in 2006. Ask yourself this one question if you need absolute proof that what I know works well enough. Did that US Financial Crisis meltdown happen in 2000 as it was predicted inside my financial newsletters back in 1999 to my subscribers or not where you live around the World?(proof of my predictions are inside my financial newsletters and excerpts are inside this ebook when I was a registered CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) when the US Stock Market Crash of 2000.) How good was my information at that time? I was only one of a handful of financial advisors in the entire world that saw that one coming and warned my newsletter subscribers at the time. Did another major Crash happen after 2006 and later? And have most investor's recovered what they lost yet? How about from the real estate debacle? I predicted them too. My App is even better.

Ok, my point is proven for your better ROI for your customers from gaining my educational platform over that of others education that they may even have to offer. Concerning my unique style of trading education and picking future trends prior to them actually happening is KEY to anyone's future financial success no matter if it's inside the world of trading or in any other business. The information inside this one e-book will be valid into the future for your millions of customers (no matter what business you may be into today) and for the rest of anyone's life of trading who reads my material..

While some traders took me serious and got wealthy when this book was first put out in 2006, others laughed and thought I might be nuts! Those who laughed are SAD TODAY because the US Stock Market did drop 7k pts. off it's high. Gold and Crude Oil, my two favorite commodities took one heck of run up and one of them come right back down just about as fast. Now it's back up again. Just don't get to relaxed because the Dow has now reached 16k. That Dow reading is like a false positive. It's still a mess today and like walking on egg shells and at any time the Dow & NASDAQ could drop in a heartbeat.

Today, all your current and future customers do need to be better educated with my private trading methods. Is it over? No way, Gold is still not done, but Gold will reach a top and when it does, will your customers know how to tell? My App can tell your customer's so they can clean up with serious wealth when the next Stock Market Crash happens and also when the next major commodity, Index or Stock takes a run up or takes a dive. It's all in knowing what to do and knowing when, why, where and how to do it that counts in trading.

The fact is that a lot of things within the financial world should get worse in the coming years, but there are certain sectors today with serious opportunity. As Traders, we really don't care "where the markets go as long as they stay wild, crazy and unstable just like they are today." That said, to better help our USA and World economy get stronger instead of weaker as we are headed into today, you as my new potential Sponsor better allow all your customers to get a better quality trading education from me if you care to profit larger than ever before down the road than you ever have to date.

Otherwise, you may be next in line beside some of your broke customers of today who are now living in "Brokeville, USA."

Look, No other education you can offer today to your customers (if you offer them any education at all today) can not compare with what trading secrets are inside my unique App for spotting new major Trend Reversals before they happen. That's KEY! Knowing about any major shift before it happens. Not too many people have the know-how to do that, but I do. Inside my App, I do allow your customers my thoughts on the next year on where I feel our US markets are headed plus I try my best to tell them how to predict the future for their own wealth benefit.

Only time will tell if I'm right again or not. There was called that for a very good reason why it was called The USA Financial Crisis because I saw this USA crisis coming well "before" it actually happen and actually pin pointed it in 1999 in my financial newsletter as a CTA.

And the sad news is this; the worst is yet to come once the commercial real estate gets into trouble later on. I feel the markets will remain wild and perfect for my low risk/high reward style of trading for many years to come. That said, if you can better educate your customers, they will buy more of your products and services period no matter what line of products you have today. They all take "money" to purchase! You win, they win and my poor kids worldwide get food, water and clothes which is most important to my world mission efforts of my private foundation.

There is really nothing to compare to my own trading information education secrets to on the market today because they come from inside the head as a veteran trader of 27 plus years.

Did you know that anything but the correct top rate high quality trading education for anyone today can be SUICIDAL to your customers stock and commodity trading accounts and financial well being? It's true. The wrong information can make them broke. I'll show your customers how to spot the latest trends the easy way that offer low risk/high reward style of trading to reap wealth when they do find a new trend about to happen.

You will find me to be a very fair businessman who can do wonders for your bottom line in future earnings and image building for your Trade Name. That said, simply fill out the registration form right now so I can contact your top people in head of marketing or new business development department soon in order to send your company a very private Power Pt. to the correct decision makers.


The USA Financial Crisis

By 1996 I myself was then trading close to $500k that year just with stocks in my own USA trading account alone because at the time I was the general contractor on my own luxury home and didn't really even have time to trade. Below is a picture of my personal 5k sq. ft. luxury home office as proof of my own lifestyle that I built in 1996 for my own family and if you want your customers to maybe have a fair shot at getting one similar someday, then they all need to learn what is inside my head and throw out the old stuff in their head out that don't work. Old strategies like buy and hold that don't work will make your company & them maybe broke into the future and that goes the same for your current marketing strategy. Read that last sentence again!   My marketing plan is just better.

The USA Financial Crisis

I can guarantee your company that I can show you how to let your own competitor's pay 100% of your marketing bill into the future and that part can start as soon as within the first month you sign up as a Sponsor. That alone is worth the cost of this Global License! Its for sure to your own Public Company advantage to educate your entire customer data base.


Let's face the facts if you are a public company and your customers both are not making the kind of money you and they both desire and need today to thrive, then you both do need my knowledge and my expert marketing & educational help and my better marketing strategies. This one eBook can provide and actually draw in potential billions in "EXTRA" new quarterly profits for your own Public Trade Name business.


If anyone wants to become a successful trader as fast as possible in this wild and crazy marketplace of today, then you need to learn from someone who has been there and done that part in real life so you can then learn what he knows. This author is someone who has traded serious money within the US markets and his assets shown on this site prove that fact. I tell you this not to bragg, but to let your company know I'm one who can deliver as he says.


If you don't think so, go price a custom built luxury 5k sq. ft. home or a 32' Offshore Boat or a High End Motor Coach with three slide outs with a huge 400 Cummins motor with all the goodies to tow behind it. Life can be grand when you have the money to really enjoy it and the USA has a lot to offer anyone willing to get out and take a look. Most can't afford to look because they are caught up with the wrong education and working 9-5 just to make ends meet. That is why your customers do need my education so they too can generate serious money for their own families and to buy your products. If not enough money, your future sales will suffer...its really that simple.


As you can clearly see from some of my big boy toys like my luxury home, the luxury coach, my offshore race boat, you can learn a lot about the trading game from me (a serious hands on trader who has actually done just that and knows how to enjoy life to the fullest too). That said, if you desire for your customers to do the same, they first need my FREE trading education offered up from YOUR TRADE NAME under a license.  Not everyone is cut out to be a trader of the markets, but for those who are and mega-millions are, my App can make anyone a good living right at home and at the same time gain you REACH.


If you desire a higher degree of success for your company, then show some corporate gifting that utilizes your marketing money more wisely and allow all your customers who desire a chance at serious wealth for their own family. The main reason I'm selling Sponsor licenses today to reach millions of people worldwide.


Due to the recent eBook $997.95 cost per download, it's a fact that most of your customers would most likely never buy at that high cost for this education. However, after you become an Exclusive Global Sector License holder, we can then reach mega-millions for FREE and at the same time make my Sponsor potentially billions in new profits yearly.  You can actually get with license with zero out of pocket cash paid.....I utilize another method to get your company licensed that is more cost-effective and keeps your liquid cash where it belongs...in your pocket.


If you become my Sponsor, it's a given that this App Sponsorship will be well worth your time, effort and the low cost of money needed for your company to get involved as a Sponsor. This first step will lead your company to getting millions of more customers quicker than any other marketing strategy out there today. That's even if you as a Sponsor never yourself ever do use what is inside my App. I'm betting a fair amount of your customers will want to use my trading education and they will have your Trade Name to thank.


The way my Sponsor's ROI is way different from that who does receive this unique education and this more private information will only be outlined within your private Power Pt.


My Sponsor will mainly use this App as an "incentive" to gain about 30% of your own entire sector's market share.  That said, if you really desire to grow global, I can help. 


As an example: Let's say you are a major cell phone company trying to gain your competitors customers. You do need them to switch sides to your cell phone service so they can bring in each over $100 per month. Forget about giving them a FREE expensive or discounted cell phone that eats at your profits, here is a better idea. To maybe get mass amounts of cell phone customers to switch to another service that you have with the promise if they do sign up for "YOUR new one or two year service plan" , that customer will receive my free "financial education of a lifetime" eBook that was very recently valued at nearly $1k in value from your Trade Name. What is inside this eBook which is today a much larger 650 page App really is a lifetime of unique trading education that can use again and again to gain serious wealth for their family.


Which do you think your customer would rather have? A $100 off their next cell phone purchase that will only cost them most likely $100 or more monthly in service fees after they do your one off cell phone deal in service fees OR a unique financial education of a lifetime? If I can teach a person to fish, they can feed themselves forever. That is my goal here to help put America back to work.


Let me tell you right now. With my deal, these same customers will also have the opportunity to have a more secure future and a better way to pay their bills to you into the future including your cell phone service bills. I think the answer is obvious. Everyone needs more money to pay their bills and I'm offering them a way to get a lot more than a quick $100 off their next cell phone or as in another example a free $150 put into their checking account to start a bank account with your bank. Once it's gone, its gone and no way to make any more money. My plan for you is better! Way Better because my plan can make your company billions in new profits and gain you millions of new customers stupid easy.


This App can help every customer you have today better pay for their car loan, insurance, home mortgage, cell phone bill, all their Visa or MC bill, Gas Station Credit card bill, buy your own products, services, etc.


How? All they have to do is to learn what is inside this App, then apply it and they can create serious wealth with low risk/high reward for their own family. It can also gain any Sector new style of profits from new millions of customers per year and build from there that you would not ever get otherwise.

The USA Financial Crisis

How many TRADERS are just within the USA today who have lost their shirts in the Stock Markets?

TRY 90 Million Traders! That's this sector's Sponsor potential target audience customers and that is just here inside the USA. Now add in the customers within the world. That can now be your target audience! Billions of people who do use Smart Phones daily. 



Get the best Education for your customers! How? Right here and it's easy as 1-2-3 if you can understand how simple, but effective my trading education can be for your company future. My educational platform is a simple to understand App with example after example leading your customer by the hand to show each one how it's done right with low risk/high reward methods and if your customers study by reading my methods, they can become very rich if they learn how to apply my trading secrets.


The Collapse of Jobs in America Will Continue and it will be years now before recovery. Today, your Trade Name has a chance to give everyone inside your entire Sector's data base a new job for life in order to pay their bills and I'll show you how to get it into their hands for FREE and also make your own company billions in the process. Plus eliminate 100% of your Trade Name marketing bill forever!


Not that long ago, crude oil was at $120 per bl.! That is one heck of an opportunity most people just missed out on that could have "made them a millionaire" when if fell right back down fairly quickly. But then, 99.9% of traders most likely didn't know how to trade it correctly. Inside my book, your customers will learn how because I'll show them how so they don't miss the next big event. It's already back up to $98 per bl. again and highly unstable to say the least! Inside my App, I lay it out simple enough for an 8th grader to understand how to profit and make over a million dollars off of commodity moves just like that Crude Oil. Therefore, anyone who has my App in hand would be foolish not to learn my trading secrets and ideas inside that shows my real life past million dollar trade examples that were published inside my Elite Newsletters. Why? It can and will create serious wealth in anyone's life. That's what you can do for your customers.


Today is the Greatest Financial Crisis Happening Right Now that has happen in my own lifetime.




I'll here to tell you. "This Current Financial Crisis Can Not Be Stopped Soon And Will Get Worse before it gets better." It's Worldwide today you know. Mark my words... This stock market today is still very "unstable." The thing is, that's the best news ever for my style of trading! Why, the faster it falls, the faster any trader can make serious money fast.


What's all this mean to your customers as a trader to try and build their own wealth? Massive Opportunity to profit bigger & faster than ever if they know where to look, what to do and when & how to do it! As speculators, like I said before we really don't care where the markets go up or down! Just as long as they stay wild and crazy because that's when you can make fast big money if you know what you are doing.


To keep evil at bay, Americans require money, lots of money! Look how fast the National Debt grows! The key? Education. Today, sadly the USA is inside of an economic collapse like no other and we are a witness to it today. There is hyperinflation, which in turn wipes out savings and retirement plans for millions of people. Every average American feels this pain with $4 per gal gas. and most don't have a clue how to turn things around into their favor...The good news? I do and with your help, I'd like to better educate them all.


This is a unique opportunity for your company to profit wildly like never before, but you must take action now if you want in on this before your own sector is sold. That is what my trading education can show your entire data base is the "how" part. Remember, you as a Sponsor do want to solve the frustration of losing money for your customers and stockholders, right? Do you think if you did that part, it would gain a certain new amount of new trust & respect? Yes, it would.


This unique trading education opportunity can set your customer's free financially so they can pay "your monthly bills" in some cases and buy your products and services in other cases. The end result? Your company thrives in a down economic crisis, but only with my help and with my soon to be for your Trade Name a 100% new Marketing Strategy that actually makes your company money instead of costing it hard earned cash! Read that last sentence again.


Inside my App keeps it simple so its in a easy to follow language so it's easy to understand.


Just Google "USA National Debt" to see what I mean and you can watch the dollars fly by at an alarming rate real time.

The USA Financial Crisis

Only you can help change your customer's financial future and the future of own company profits. My App can solve both these problems.


The thing is that this financial contagion has already spread to all corners of the world and has already sent the European, So. American and Asian stock markets. The fact is we are all connected. This situation is not going to turn around quickly folks.


That said, you do need to educate your entire data base fast so they to can "cash in" on some of these amazing opportunities just like crude oil, gold and certain others major events that can bring win falls of cash to their door.


Understand this; the Worldwide Stock Markets are still in deep trouble today. Unless your customers learn and know what I know on how to trade with leverage and how to protect what money they have into any trade safely to lessen their risk of loss and enhance their reward, in the end they could lose their risk capital. Once that happens, YOU LOSE YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! Its up to you to protect your own interest here and to do so, that means allowing your customers to make money instead of 100% of the time "like today" that you expect them to keep paying it out for your own products and services.


Did you know that it takes the same effort for as a stock or commodity trader to make $75k a year as it does to make over a “Million” a year? What’s the difference? Better Knowledge! Wow, that's it? Yep, Better Knowledge and that is what I have to offer my Sponsor's customers in an eBook form.


Wild swings in are market will continue and are a trader's friend to speedy wealth. That is; if you know what to do and when to do it. It's not hard to learn.


Like I said, with the correct trading knowledge base, your customers can achieve your bigger dollar goals in months, not years and its all because of what is going on today inside our marketplace...Wild swings up and down. The correct knowledge will tell them what to do, where to do it, how to do it and when to do it.


As my Sponsor, you can provide this unique education for pennies on the dollar once you purchase my same high quality education in bulk once under a license. Trust me when I tell you that you really can afford my deal because I'm willing to finance 90% of your upfront buy-in License cost and nothing else is due my foundation "until" you start to make the millions of dollars that I claim you can make.......period. Moral of this story? I'm taking 90% of the RISK!

Consider the Possibilities


This App product was developed by an expert in the field of trading including high competence within the different fields discussed. This simple App product is what your company has been looking for to make your customers more successful in the area of creating a successful at home based trading business "JOB" and to learn how to protecting, growing and preserving wealth. Working at home can be great if you are one of millions who has recently lost their job as a bread winner. It can also get our USA economy going again. No gas money needed or time wasted to get to work here and more time to spend with your family and friends, plus more money if you take the right action.

Since you have read this far into this website today, I have to assume you as a potential Sponsor really are looking for a way to better your own Public Industry Sector's financial situation by the billions yearly and if you are like most people; your Trade Name desires to do that part faster and are most likely losing ground today with the marketing path you are currently on. Not to worry, I do have the right marketing strategy for what you need today.


If you as my Sponsor desire faster and a more effective marketing way to Gain Massive Market Share for larger and easier profits, rather than slower, don't be a tire kicker or you may miss out on your one chance at your own industry "exclusive" global sector. Once these Sectors are gone, they are gone forever and you could lose millions of customers to whoever beats your company to that Sector and sees this page first! I'm not trying to scare you, but that's just the fact of the matter. Therefore, you need to take action today. Go fill out the registration link now if you have not already so the owner can contact your people.

The USA Financial Crisis

Let me tell you right now….you just found the correct retired financial expert who is willing to help everyone recover from this Worldwide crisis. I'm ready to offer your company the best trading education for the millions of current and future customers and I’m not telling you that to brag, but because I know what secrets are inside my own App. I'll also show you how to gain over one million new customers per month and billions in new never before saw profits from an entirely new style of "cost free to you" marketing strategy effort that will be nearly painless upfront cost wise to your own Public Company! Trust me, it's a no-brainer cost to join in with me once you see exactly what I have to offer your Public Co.


It does take serious money to really enjoy all life has to offer and as you can clearly see, I certainly have mastered that part of my life as well from the pictures of my most recent lifestyle. I'd like to have the opportunity to do the same and show every customer you have today how to get wealthy too and no matter how many millions of customers you may have or can get into the future "if" you become my Sponsor, your customers should always be #1. After all, these customers are what feed your daily profits.


Savvy Trader Investors like me are a rare breed who actually desire to help others as most could care less. I'm different. I care about the little guy and you should too.


Is your Public Company ready for that giant change in lifestyle adventure that every one of your customers who want it could make maybe fame & fortune in the process for your own Trade Name profits for just providing my unique education? If so, fill out the registration form...we need to talk ASAP!


This App contains exceptional trading education for the masses unlike no other.  Not to many savvy traders will give all your customers real life examples that will show average traders how to pull in millions in dollars in profits with my private strategies.  These are inside my App.  


Just plug your customers into this unique trading education unlike any other on the market today and they will reward you by buying your products and remaining loyal to your company who lead them to this unique education.


"More Creative Trading Techniques Are Inside Than You Can Imagine" Below is just some of what you will learn. This allows all your customers to thrive financially. If they thrive, guess what your company will do?

  • Understanding the Dynamics of Fluctuating Currency Rates
  • Understanding Technical Charts
  • Entering and Exiting Trades
  • Implementing Stops
  • Employing Advanced Trading Concepts
  • Psychology of Successful Currency Traders
  • Psychology of Unsuccessful Public Traders
  • Psychology of the Commercial Traders
  • Psychology of the Circle of Money Worldwide.
  • And more, lots more!

Why would you want to settle for less for your company future? Allow your customers to start to enjoy life as I have done with my own family. Just plug them into this private trading education and gain for your own company in the process faster and more powerful market share Trade Name gains with my unique strategy.


Below are a few of my toys and I could show you many more pictures, but I think you will get the idea that what I do have to offer for your own companies future if valid unique education for your customers if you make the right choice and become my Sponsor.

The USA Financial Crisis

Above is my 32'; offshore race boat. It's a sweet ride too and a whole lot of fun for my seven grandchildren. That's me taking the picture as my wife and I are out enjoying life on the water.


Here is a view of a 5,000 sq. ft. luxury home that I built myself back in 1996…It took 14 full months to build. It’s so large that I could not fit the entire house in one picture. Did you know that your customers are just a stone’s throw away from having the same if you allow them to learn how to apply my trading secrets? Every customer you have today dreams of living the good life and you can take that to the bank. You have the power to allow it to happen if you get an "Exclusive Sector License" from me and if you do, you will soon be king of that Sector within a few years time. If you do, your company is sure to prosper as well faster by the billions in new type of never before saw profits.

The USA Financial Crisis

Above and below are some of my other toys that I have had a lot of fun with over the years. If you desire to really allow your millions of customers to learn my trading secrets as revealed in this private (that are not sold in book stores) via my private e-book, then you know what to do next if you would like for your customers to maybe have a home office like the one I've enjoyed for years on wheels too. Of course they need a nice luxury home to with an office to go with it such as mine pictured below. Notice the bull & bear on the desk. Trading really is what created my own lifestyle here and it can do the same for all your customers if you allow it to happen. Want the same for your customers? Just register now to find out how. Here we are at Yellowstone National Park with our motor coach that we have traveled the entire USA and Canada with for several years.

The USA Financial Crisis - www.TopTenBook.mobiThe USA Financial Crisis - www.TopTenBook.mobi

IF YOU UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE AND POWER OF BEING IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME WITH THE RIGHT VEHICLE, (that vehicle being this one unique educational App) and your own private Exclusive Global Sector License that can come with it for my Sponsor, then let me tell you;

Serious magic can occur in your public company life! And I'm planning on making some magic happen in thousands of poor children's lives world wide.


And it's simple really if your company desires to produce a billion plus of more dollars in sales during the next year alone and maybe within the next quarter alone. It's simple math really, millions of more customers equal billions of more sales, not to mention a brand new marketing plan that lets others pay your way.


Big Money success doesn't just happen! You need to market your products and services right and also plan right and do the correct research to make it happen so you can enjoy life to the fullest and reap the rewards. Today, my top trading education and information inside this App (is related directly to the current USA Financial Crisis), equals superb earning potential for all your current and future customers within only months should they apply what is learned inside.


Most people don't plan to fail; they simply fail to plan to reach their personal financial goals by not getting the correct education. Don't allow your Public Company "plan to fail" for future success. Instead, allow me to help you make it a plan to win bigger than ever before and shut your doors to those closed marketing thinking mind strategies that just don't work today and that might cost you millions quarterly. My marketing plan for you is soon FREE to your future marketing budget. Some closed minded companies deserve to fail because they are simply put to close minded to try new things. You must change with the times for your next generation of future success or you could go broke.


Inside this App is the correct trading education you need to help anyone profit larger than ever before from this current crisis.


The cost of not knowing what I know today can actually cost your company billions quarterly in "new" future easy earnings. Once we have a license in place for all your company customers and for your specific Sector, all your customers can pick my brain (by reading what is inside this App) and use it to build their own wealth.


What is inside this one App are proven battle trading plans for all your customers to utilize for "life" that have worked in the past well to pull every dollar out of every future trade they might ever do


What is the bottom line here?   No matter if you are a Public Co. wanting to increase your REACH with my unique marketing plan or only a private investor who desires to become a Stock & Commodity Trader,  you do need my "Elite Trading Secrets App."  


What is inside will last your customers a lifetime of trading education and by your company obtaining an Exclusive Global Sector License, you can then utilize my new marketing plan for your Public Company to gain massive REACH and billions in new profits that will pass you by otherwise without it. The choice is yours to prosper with low risk / high reward into the future.



The USA Financial Crisis

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